A Balloon is Just a Balloon: Are they telling us the truth?

When is a balloon not a balloon? When the US Govt. will not tell us where it is or what it is doing here or what it might have onboard.

Why so secretive? Is it because a balloon is not just a balloon depending on its payload.

What are they not telling us? What are they afraid of? Why didn’t they shoot it out of the sky in one of the most deserted states; Montana?

Payloads that would concern me if I were in the State Department: Covid-23 to be dropped over a city, biological or chemical weapons that will destroy crops, Asian bird flu to kill off our poultry, Small pox, hoof and mouth disease, mad cow disease, anthrax et al.

How about sensors being dropped in a continuous stream all across the fruited plains to continue surveillance of the US and its people etc ?

Something doesn’t smell right. This has all the earmarks of government propaganda. Is the US complicit in this? Is the WEF involved?

The tin foil hatters are being asked to come up with all these theories and more and are not giving us enough information to say: ‘you are being very responsible in your reaction to this violation of US airspace’. But alas, they are almost begging people to come up with very bizarre scenarios. Of course, it is only a conspiracy theory until it is proven to be true.


The Treasure Hunt of Life: Seeking the Kingdom of Heaven – just a thought for the day

Matthew 13:44-46

Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition

44 The kingdom of heaven is like unto a treasure hidden in a field. Which a man having found, hid it, and for joy thereof goeth, and selleth all that he hath, and buyeth that field.

45 Again the kingdom of heaven is like to a merchant seeking good pearls.

46 Who when he had found one pearl of great price, went his way, and sold all that he had, and bought it.

Human beings are almost pre-programmed to seek a perceived good. They are looking for a reward, a treasure if you will, for which they will do what they think might be necessary to obtain it. 

And so life is a treasure hunt which begins by a child doing what is necessary to gain the love and attention of their parents. So the hunt begins not for material things though they reinforce the rightness of their quest but for the unclassified reality that cannot be explained by mere logical explanations but only by the word love and all that this word conveys to our minds, hearts, and contentment. And no man from childhood forward ever finds peace and contentment without unqualified and undeserved love. A gift that is inexplicably given and often with the price of suffering and hard work. Fortunes and time are spent, emotional experiences of heartbreak and loss which for some ends in mental illness; depression, addiction, suicidal tendencies and those most pathetic people who no longer believe or seek the treasure of their heart. They are beaten down to a place which at times is the darkest of places: satanic in origin and leaves an individual in living a life that neither has meaning of its own and adds nothing to themselves or to others. They are those who abandoned the first principle, which we share with many animals as well, the seeking of unconditional love. 

In the depths of darkness some of these people rebel against life and all that is good and abandon the voice of conscious which is a faculty that is also developed in a loving home. They are lost to the dark forces in the world and often commit the worst crimes imaginable in imitation of the Father of all Lies. For they have accepted that love does not exist, peace does not exist, Truth and Goodness does not exist and therefore, God does not exist. Their lives are utterly destroyed and meaningless; a mystery to them and to the rest of society who observe them.

Treasure hunters have an obsession. They will go into great debt and break up their families seeking fortune. The same can be said of those whose treasure is knowledge or seeking answers to previously unknown phenomena. They work at this constantly both day and night and even in their dreams. 

So these people, having the right reaction toward seeking a Good far above anything else in their lives can show us that tenacity and perseverance needed to attain that which should be the fullness of what it is that life is for: the immense gain that is worth all suffering and humiliation. We need only make sure that our object, reward or treasure is the one which mankind exists for and truly desires above all else. To ignore or put off the treasure hunt for the Kingdom of God is to waste precious time in the quest and to close our eyes to what motivates the obsessive tendencies of men to seek a treasure at whatever expense is required. 

Seeking the right and proper treasure is, of course, the secret to living a life with great purpose. And should we succeed there is no other treasure worth even a small consideration.