From being to Life; creation from the Progenitor of both being and living


“The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I am come that they may have life, and may have it more abundantly.” __ John 10:10

It is a fact that with all that science knows along with our knowledge of atoms, molecules, proteins, amino acids and all the stuff of life (the building blocks of what we like to call life), we have developed theories and models, that still only end up seeing life generated only from pre-existent life. Whether you believe in the science of evolution or the Creator that breathed life into the ‘stuff’ of all creation, man is unable to prove or to demonstrate in any way that they can create life. If the seeds of life on this planet hitched a ride from some distant galaxy in the universe on an asteroid to be deposited on this earth still does not explain how life is made without the progenitor or life being a form of life itself. It only places this Life Force somewhere else other than earth.

What is the seed of life or that which has life on its own; an uncreated life which shares life in its creations; handing this life on to develop and incubate all of its creation with its gift of life? It is nice to think of models and excuses to try to debunk the obvious but it does not actually accord to the scientific method itself. For everywhere we look from the single cell to sentient beings and even man himself that life is only produced from an existent life. So Who or What is this Progenitor of life; and why do people hate the word “God” that one might accord to this Intelligence that is uncreated and unformed by anything other than His very Own Is-ness or Being?

When science can reproduce an experiment that is repeatable and mixes the proper materials together and delivers a spark that infuses these Legos of creation into a moving, living and breathing entity I would at least say that there is a natural way for life to be generated from an unloving, unconscious material universe.

But then we still have the problem of the same kind when we contemplate the building blocks themselves and the laws which they adhere to; whether chemical laws, physics or mathematics. What proof has ever been witnessed of something created or being formed from complete emptiness and nothingness; the void. Where are the scientific explanations and experiments where from an empty container arises atoms or molecules or elements of this universe. They surely exist in this universe but there is no foundation for them before the Big Bang which we can explain mathematically back to milliseconds after that event. But the event itself and the instant before of that event are a mystery to science and they still wish to grapple with theories that can explain how something comes from nothing. So far their attempts fail and their ambition yields no results.

So from the created Legos of this universe to the instilling of life we have intelligent laws for the first bit, or the material formed from nothing and we have an equally unknown Self Existent Living Being that Breathed into His Creation His own Life. How interesting is it that so many thousands of years ago the scriptures describe man as made in the image and likeness of God. For what evolutionary purpose is it to wonder about our origin and our purpose in possessing life. To be a rock would be to possess existence but no experience of its existence and no desire or drive to perpetuate its existence or create other rocks so that rocks would never cease to be.

I am afraid that science will never stop trying to eliminate an eternal existence, fully Living, Intelligent, Good, Beautiful and wanting to share His Life with a creation that might find joy in their participation of His Life no matter how small. It is a conundrum for men that I fear will be with us until the end of the world. 

Evolution it seems, has made a huge mistake to make the most perfected living organism on this earth that still, regardless of his immense intelligence in science, looks to a Beginning and an End for these questions. It seems counter-intuitive that we men are spiritual by nature and that science has been unable to eradicate faith which seems to be written in the heart or soul of men. 

“To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.”

__ St. Thomas Aquinas

“ Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.” 

__ St. Thomas Aquinas

Perhaps the Legos of Creation is a simple misspelling for the Logos of the Creator.

A Reprieve From the Father Jerk Show

Reverence is the virtue reminding us constantly that we are “creatures”—that everything is a gift calling for gratitude toward the Gift-Giver. Reverence opens our eyes to the mystery of being, of life, of beauty.

I recently attended a “unicorn Mass.” This would be the Novus Ordo done ad orientem. This particular parish did not have altar rails, but many took the eucharist on the tongue while kneeling. There were no girl altar servers or extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion. The choir sounded angelic. This was not the Latin High Mass, but I appreciated the effort made to show reverence to our Lord.

I am at the point where I would be fine with a plain Novus Ordo that is done with some measure of reverence. My wish would be a total return to the Tridentine Mass, but I doubt this will happen in my lifetime. The reason I have such low standards is because of the irreverence of the Father Jerk Show. This is what I call the Mass offered each week in my own parish by the priest who suffers from acute narcissistic personality disorder and turns the liturgy into a Las Vegas lounge act.

I felt my soul come alive again at the unicorn. It reminded me of going to Mass before Father Jerk came to our parish. I didn’t feel the pain in my heart I usually feel when Father Jerk blasts away the choir with his own amped singing over the PA. The homily was actually good for a change instead of a cringe inducing eulogy for a dead dog followed by a game show quiz.

If you call out Father Jerk, he will condemn you for being a nitpicky complainer given to negativity. Always blame the victim. But in my case, my yardstick for judgment isn’t perfection but merely the way it used to be before he showed up. I will take mediocre over irreverent.

I pray daily that God will take this horrible priest away from us. But for one evening, God took me away from my horrible priest. For that, I am grateful.

Peeking Behind the Curtain of Clericalism

Many times people come to me for suggestions on good things to read. What I do not recommend is wasting your time on the internet reading blogs. The Church needs less up-to-the-minute sensationalism and scandal mongering, and more profound theological and spiritual penetration of what is wrong and what is right with the world, and how to live as a Christian in it. The English author Evelyn Waugh once commented, “Lay interest in ecclesiastical affairs is often a prelude to insanity.” Don’t be a churchy version of a political junkie, drunk on the human politics of the Church. Jesus is in His Kingdom, trust in Him, and be faithful to His Word.


Reading these words in a bulletin from a priest in a parish very favorable to tradition caused me to stop, reflect, and consider just how bad priests can be. In this particular case, the priest is telling the lay faithful to stop peeking behind the curtain into the affairs of the priests and prelates of the Roman Catholic Church. You should mind your own business. This advice is sickening.

I agree that a faithful Catholic should not allow the scandals in the Church to undermine their faith or hinder their spiritual practices. I recommend praying the rosary daily, doing spiritual reading, going to confession regularly, and adhering to a Plan of Life. I also believe in the Amish wisdom that you should read the newspaper and the Bible every morning. I would add that you should neglect neither the newspaper nor the Bible. In this way, you will be as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves.

So, what are these blogs that Father Smith is referencing? He doesn’t say what they are, but I will tell you. These would be Church Militant, LifeSiteNews, and One Peter Five. But even if you didn’t read those blogs, you will still see those scandals covered in the National Catholic Register, EWTN, Crisis, and The Catholic Thing. And, if you shut those out, you have the Boston Globe, the Washington Post, and the New York Times reporting on these scandals. You would have to hide under a rock to get away from them. Father Smith is telling us to hide under the rock.

The reality is that those blogs Father Smith denigrates are doing us a valuable service in bringing this filth into the light. Do you not have a right to know if your priest is a child molester? Do you not have a right to know that the Vatican is a hothouse of sodomy and filth? Do you not have a right to know that your donations are being filched to pay for abortion, contraception, and gay cinema? Do you not have a right to know that your pope espouses heresy? I recommend that you keep reading those blogs. I know I will.

Father Smith has fallen prey to one of the chief reasons filth and corruption have galloped along unchecked in the Catholic Church, and this would be clericalism. This is when priests and prelates start to make a sharp distinction between clergy and laity with privilege for the former and disdain for the latter. I assume that Father Smith is a good priest, but he shows his conflict of interest in siding with the perverts in collars against the lay faithful. Instead of addressing our concerns, he tells us to stop looking behind the curtain at the corruption. We will be better for our ignorance. No, Father, we are not better for not knowing. Ignorance is not bliss especially when it concerns sexual molestation and rape of our children.

Father Smith does not want you to read Catholic blogs because he does not want you to know the sad and sick truth about the priests and prelates in the Catholic Church. There is no virtue in blindness and ignorance. But ignoring those awesome Catholic blogs makes his job a lot easier. It’s the same reason your doctor doesn’t want you reading WebMD. It isn’t for the sake of your health but for the sake of him making his tee time at the links at 3 o’clock. Likewise, priests prefer if you didn’t know how awful they are at being priests or that many of them are sodomites.

Don’t listen to Father Smith. Keep reading those Catholic blogs. Be an informed Catholic. You have a right to know and a duty to do whatever you can to clean up this filth. The party is over for these bastards. And they are never going to police themselves.

The God of the Gaps

The God of the gaps argument for God fails when a plausible scientific account for a gap in current knowledge can be given. I do not dispute that the exact nature of the origin of the universe remains a gap in scientific knowledge. But I deny that we are bereft of any conceivable way to account for that origin scientifically.

When you talk to atheists and debate with them, they will throw out the “God of the gaps” tripe. They assert that God is nothing more than the putty believers use to fill in the gaps of our scientific knowledge about the universe. This is how Zeus gave way to positive and negative electrical charges in explaining lightning. The assumption is that myths fall as science increases. But is this really the case?

I think we can shed more light on the issue by actually making a list of the gaps. Here is that list:

GAP #1–Something from nothing.

Why is there something instead of nothing? How did this truly vast universe spring from nothing? Once upon a time, atheists denied that the universe had a beginning. Then, the Big Bang was theorized and proved with various scientific tests. Apparently, Aristotle got that part right. So, how did the universe get here? The best guess scientists have now is the multiverse theory which is an idea beyond any scientific verification.

GAP #2–Chemistry to biology.

This is Darwin’s primordial soup. How did non-life spontaneously turn itself into life? The primordial soup has given way to geothermal vents above ground and in the oceans. Then, there is the piggy backing on crystals hypothesis. They don’t know, and attempts to duplicate the primordial accident in the laboratory have been fruitless. But if we can find microbial life on Mars or Titan or wherever, this will be enough to establish the idea of biology springing spontaneously from chemicals. Then, there is the idea of panspermia which is the biological equivalent of the multiverse theory. Life got here by comets. Of course, no one can tell us how life got on the comets in the first place.

GAP #3–From primates to human beings.

Despite all that you read and hear, no conclusive evolutionary link has been established between humans and non-humans. When the missing link is found, you will definitely know about it because it will be frontpage news and literally shake civilization to its foundations. In the meantime, anthropologists uncover a femur and some teeth and build stories around these artifacts in much the same they did with the Piltdown Man until it was ascertained that particular specimen was a hoax. I’m not sure where the imagination ends and the science begins with anthropology.

Those are the gaps. Science has not filled those gaps. But I am supposed to trust that one day science will fill those gaps. In the meantime, I should take it on faith that God does not exist.