Why I Could Never Vote Democrat ~ feel free to add to the list

“I don’t have a clue about anything although I do think I look really great.”
  1. I cannot vote for a party that can’t tell if a person is a male or a female and proposes that there is an entire spectrum of genders. If you can’t look in a mirror when naked and figure it out then you are not worthy to hold office.
  2. I cannot vote for a party that would like to take your wealth and treat it as income which would then be taxed.
  3. I cannot vote for a party that thinks that they are entitled to a piece of your estate before it is distributed to your heirs.
  4. I cannot vote for a party that has to cheat in order to win an election.
  5. I cannot vote for a party that wants to pack the country with illegal voters so that they can never lose an election; all because they cannot win over the legitimate citizens of this country.
  6. I cannot vote for a party that does not care what the will of the people is nor have any desire to protect their rights according to local, state or federal law.
  7. I cannot vote for a party that wants to circumvent law or ignore it; by packing courts, curbing speech, issuing mandates, stirring up violence and hatred between groups in order to divide us or abrogate the principle that the government is of, by and for the people.
  8. I cannot vote for a party that wants to enslave people economically, socially, spiritually and physically.
  9. I cannot vote for a party that desires to destroy the ability of people to have the last say in what and how their children should be raised and educated.
  10. I cannot vote for a party that is aligned with Marxist and Communist ideology.
  11. I cannot vote for a party that believes everything our patrimony held sacred is now wrong; believing that things which were always considered good are now evil and what was evil is now considered good.
  12. I cannot vote for a party that sees this world through a lens of racism, sexism and a host of other ‘isms’.
  13. I cannot vote for a party that has taken God out of our country and yet claim the moral high ground on every issue.
  14. I cannot vote for narcissistic hypocrites who love to point fingers and accuse others of those things which they themselves do constantly and remain silent about.
  15. I cannot vote for a party that only a few years ago would have been laughed at as simply insane even by their own party members. In other words, stupidity is not a virtue.

Playing God

Tyrants have always played at being God. They rely on force, degrees from prestigious schools or a complicit network of news media to extoll their superiority; a stout propaganda network. Therefore it is an illegitimate authority.

Legitimate authority, on the other hand, is only of two kinds: immediate and mediate. 

Immediate authority needs no support system that a tyrant requires. They possess their authority by their very person. It is immediate and it is unquestionable. In the Christian Era we recognize only one with this authority and it is the Triune God. In pre-Christian eras it might be given to those kings and queens whom the people recognized as god’s on earth and therefore accepted their authority which would be passed down within their royal or divine lineage.

Mediate authority would be a legitimate form of authority which is bequeathed and bestowed on another by someone with recognizable immediate authority. In the Christian sense this authority was given to the Apostles, the Church in toto and the Pope as a successor of Peter who was given the Keys to bind and to loose. In the days of the Egyptian god-kings and queens it might be given to an ambassador who might negotiate and dispense the authority of the king in order to facilitate war, trade, peace treaties et al.

So what kind of authority do we see in America today? Is it of legitimate authority or is it of illegitimate authority?

In other words, “Does truth come from authority or does authority come from Truth.?”

I think most people realize that just bearing the reputation of an authority is not enough (it is illegitimate) whereas one who conveys nothing but Truth possesses authority (legitimate authority) by the Truths which they speak.

It is easy to see how much trouble the people can get themselves into by those who claim authority while teaching lies: that men can be women or men can be men, that you can change your sex by hormones or surgery or that all people should have the same outcome in life: equity rather than equality. It is a lie and must not be believed or one risks their own sanity by believing lies and rejecting truth.

The Covid 19 crisis and the mandates etc. are very instructive in how tyrants use untruths to acquire, money and power and seek to enslave anyone or eliminate anyone who does not agree with them or hold them in esteem. They in effect are playing God.

I reject genetic mutation via mRNA treatments as it is playing God with the human person. It is like make monkey’s with human brains or humans with sub-human brains. It is unethical and diabolic even if these treatments did not use aborted baby cells in their development or not . . . but since they do there is even a greater reason to say no to the illegitimate authorities of our bodies; what we must put in them and how we must comply to their mandates. It is a precursor to the mark of the beast.

And this is what is wrong with the “woke” culture and the subservient culture of sheep. When they tell you that you are saving other people’s lives by getting the vaccine to “save the lives” of others (a lie), you might ask them why the people were not force into wearing masks and getting vaccines from the seasonal flu. How many people did we kill, if this were true, by not practicing their draconian mandates. 

Their real thrill in exercising their tyranny on the people is the feeling of being God. Nothing is so diabolical that those who would supplant the True God with their own image. That is what we might call diabolical narcissism and there seems to be no short supply of it in the world today. 

Those who play God are evil and have no true authority. If you keep this as your maxim you will not fall into error nor be cow towed into following the herd of lemmings to their own destruction.