What does it matter anymore? Who cares anyway?


The older I get, and the more I see of the devastation that continues to ravage society and the Church, the more I feel the futility of it all. Nothing matters. And even if it did matter, nobody seems to care. So, the few who think they are fighting the good fight to regain that which we have lost, are rapidly losing heart or perhaps their hope that all will be well. But it is obvious that darkness shrouds the mind and that any true love has long been eclipsed by the useless things of life. Things such as politics, personal desires, individual agendas, purposeless ideologies and their inevitable advocacy or imagined victimhood status;  this according to whatever the flavor of this day’s purpose for our lives might be or if they might be capable of sweeping us together into new false hopes and ideals. Yes, ideals which the headlines of our tabloids and news stations have prepared for us at the behest of our politicians, cultural heroes or our elitist religious leaders (who are both of these), though they wear the masks of their pseudo-compassion quite readily . . . usually just for show. 

And what is our expression of these new agendas and purposes to our lives? Why is it the opposite of what we once knew; for it is now nothing more than hatred and defaming, lying and killing and scurrilously assaulting the past while painting a new vision for mankind which will be better than anything man has ever thought possible in the past.

Our devils are far worse today (namely old traditions) and of course, these new gods (our elite betters in thinking) are our saviors, prodigies and savants who will lead us to their new splendid vision for a utopia where every individual is valued, every desire is permissible and every inconvenience is overcome. It is a return to some extent to the tribalism of a new Eden where we all live off the land and our laws are local and nobody criticizes another tribe’s beliefs or has any desire to change them.

The world is ours; collectively. We have no borders or sovereignty and the benevolent leaders of the world will assure us that we all get an equal share of the riches of the world. You see, they have, in their hubris, out-envisioned and out-created the world that our Creator prepared for us. In their world, nobody is better or worse than anyone else and should anyone assault this new vision for mankind they will find that the only true hell is merely a reeducation camp. We will accept the outcome and the changes whether we agree with this vision of theirs or not.

What I am describing is simply what things looks like when a culture dies or is, more to the point, killed. Where what used to matter no longer matters and what used to not matter a whit has become that which matters a lot. In fact, it is now the totality of what matters; conforming to non-conformity as a new, happy culture; the culture where everyone is doing one’s own thing. Our ethics are not anything like those that have been retired or expired; they are situational entirely. It is the new freedom that comes from our beloved leaders who preach the gospel of situational ethics. 

It is like a village after an earthquake or a flood; many leave the carnage and destruction to find an equivalent life elsewhere while some few foolish traditional minded people who cling to their old memories and attempt to rebuild their homes and their culture. But most who stay turn out to be brigands and gangs of those who are engaged in pillaging.  And these it seem have the upper hand as they live in a lawless land as individualists or gather in small tribes, bands or mobs who continue to prey upon those whom they can victimize . . . all while portraying themselves as victims and demanding redress from the elite authorities far from their wrecked village. So as money and food are delivered by our compassionate world leaders, these provisions are set upon by these same mobs and they grow stronger whilst the upright citizens are driven into slavery and subjugation. It becomes an upside down world, without a heart, without a brain and without courage: to borrow from the Wizard of Oz. What was once orderly and sane is now scoffed at openly and what was disorderly and insane is now defended, protected and taught as the new ethical paradigm. What we already see however is that this new society, eats its own.

So, what does it matter anymore? Does anyone care? Is the toil worth the harvest? And do the things which matter most on a man’s deathbed of any concern or consequence? What was or still is the meaning of life today? What do we expect to gain? And how are we going to gain it? By violence, by stealth, by ignorance, by indifference? How do we keep heart when the enemy seems so numerous that we even question whether we are being corrupted as well? Will it matter if I quit the fight? If I go along to get along? It is hard to get straight answers on a crooked, foggy road bereft of street lights.

This life’s a hollow bubble, Don’t you know?
Just a painted piece of trouble, Don’t you know?
We come to earth to cry,
We grow older and we sigh,
Older still, and then we die!

Don’t you know?

Edmund Vance Cooke—Fin de Siècle.

. . . or, Life is hard and then your die.

One thought on “What does it matter anymore? Who cares anyway?

  1. All that matters is the faith. Keep the faith as has been known down through the ages. Because the Trinitarian belief of Catholicism means that we all have a chance to spend eternity in heaven. This world does not matter. Family, a few friends, and the faith in Jesus Christ are all that matter. Give it to the Holy Spirit and let Him fight. Then help Him with prayer.


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