A Reprieve From the Father Jerk Show

Reverence is the virtue reminding us constantly that we are “creatures”—that everything is a gift calling for gratitude toward the Gift-Giver. Reverence opens our eyes to the mystery of being, of life, of beauty.

I recently attended a “unicorn Mass.” This would be the Novus Ordo done ad orientem. This particular parish did not have altar rails, but many took the eucharist on the tongue while kneeling. There were no girl altar servers or extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion. The choir sounded angelic. This was not the Latin High Mass, but I appreciated the effort made to show reverence to our Lord.

I am at the point where I would be fine with a plain Novus Ordo that is done with some measure of reverence. My wish would be a total return to the Tridentine Mass, but I doubt this will happen in my lifetime. The reason I have such low standards is because of the irreverence of the Father Jerk Show. This is what I call the Mass offered each week in my own parish by the priest who suffers from acute narcissistic personality disorder and turns the liturgy into a Las Vegas lounge act.

I felt my soul come alive again at the unicorn. It reminded me of going to Mass before Father Jerk came to our parish. I didn’t feel the pain in my heart I usually feel when Father Jerk blasts away the choir with his own amped singing over the PA. The homily was actually good for a change instead of a cringe inducing eulogy for a dead dog followed by a game show quiz.

If you call out Father Jerk, he will condemn you for being a nitpicky complainer given to negativity. Always blame the victim. But in my case, my yardstick for judgment isn’t perfection but merely the way it used to be before he showed up. I will take mediocre over irreverent.

I pray daily that God will take this horrible priest away from us. But for one evening, God took me away from my horrible priest. For that, I am grateful.

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