Local Battle of Letters on Abortion


In my small town in South Carolina we have a bi-weekly paper that covers the local news and from time to time an editorial column with the opportunity to respond.

About 4 issues ago we had one of these editorials on abortion and it was, as to be expected, pro-choice (or pro-abortion which is more accurate). In this editorial the gentleman who wrote the column spoke about the Catholic Church and our beliefs which were totally misrepresented and needed clarification.

A friend from the parish cut out the column and brought it to dinner one night and asked that one of us would write a rebuttal of sorts. I took on this task but then it was suggested that perhaps my wife should write the letter as a letter from a woman on this issue is far more influential than one coming from a man. I’m not so sure of that but I turned the task over to my wife and I refrained from sending my own reply. 

The woman who suggested the rebuttal letter also asked our priest to respond to the editorial but to date, Fr. Jerk (as my friend Charlie refers to him) has yet to respond. Therefore, after 4 replies, some for and some against, my wife finally sent a letter and I rewrote one that was simply facts without all the drama, opinionated, and hand wringing sentimentality for the mother that is usual in such debates.

I’ll see how it goes. But at least my wife finally answered the question about the refusal of the Catholic Church to baptize miscarried infants which appeared in the first column. After all baptism is a sacrament of the living not the dead as Mormons would have us believe.

But old Silent Fr. Jerk is what sticks in my craw. Nothing but crickets. 

I would have been happy if he had stood at the homily and told us about the article and rallied the Catholics to write letters and straighten this man out on both the Church and on abortion. Alternatively, Fr. Jerk could have told us about this assault on the faith and abortion and asked the parish to simply read but not respond until his own letter was printed. But neither of these things have occurred. It would seem only right and fitting that the only Catholic pastor of the town remains silent and does not participate in the community’s battle of letters. After all, our old pastors were known for getting involved in such misconceptions and misrepresentations in the past.

I know that some people are offended easily on such things and that the effete are usually quiet or get their feelings hurt in this age of the snowflakes. But our parish priest should show more manhood than what we get today. 

Alas, I miss those older priests who took their faith to heart and were ready and able for a good fight if it came to that. Today the effeminacy is deafening; a deafening silence that is. Goodbye good men, good bye. We miss you.

5 thoughts on “Local Battle of Letters on Abortion

  1. Unless the issue is open borders or the environment, priests and bishops are generally a silent bunch. I don’t see them as shepherds anymore but as politicians in collars.


    1. I guess that’s the case Charlie. Too late now anyway. I see my letter and my wife’s were too late to make today’s issue and nobody else wrote any further replies. Sad that the evangelicals have come to the defense of he unborn while the Catholics remained quiet. Its not the Church it used to be.


        1. I doubt many. I only read a column if it has been pointed out to me. This is probably the first column I’ve read in the last 10 years that was about something worth commenting on.


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