Brain Death Is Fiction

Organ transplants are in conformity with the moral law if the physical and psychological dangers and risks to the donor are proportionate to the good sought for the recipient. Organ donation after death is a noble and meritorious act and is to be encouraged as an expression of generous solidarity. It is not morally acceptable if the donor or his proxy has not given explicit consent. Moreover, it is not morally admissible to bring about the disabling mutilation or death of a human being, even in order to delay the death of other persons.
CCC 2296

A woman had a teenage son who was involved in a devastating car crash. They took the comatose boy to the hospital and worked on him diligently for five days. After that, the doctors began urging the mother to pull the plug on her comatose son. They told her he was close to brain death. They told her he would be a vegetable for his entire life if he ever woke up, and the rest of her life would be consumed by his care. Each day, the doctors would put the papers in front of her to sign giving them permission to end her son’s life. She refused. She told one of the doctors to take those papers and shove them up his ass. After 89 days, her son woke up from his coma. He has many challenges ahead because of the trauma to his body and brain. But he can think, communicate, and will finish high school.

Why was this mother pushed to kill her son when he wasn’t dead? The most obvious answer is that healthcare is expensive. The second was they wanted the boy’s heart for organ transplantation. She heard the staff behind closed doors making comments about how her son was an athlete. This meant he had a good ticker suitable to put in the chest of some geezer who probably already had a full life before the bacon and eggs destroyed his heart.

The father of the son wondered aloud how many victims of these ghouls there were and how many families had been beguiled with the fiction of brain death. And that is what brain death is. It is a fiction invented by doctors to harvest beating hearts from living people. When the heart stops beating, it rapidly becomes unsuitable for transplantation. Brain death allows doctors to declare a living person to be dead when they are actually still alive. And the sick thing is that they make families complicit in the murder by putting pressure on them to sign those papers.

If a doctor tells you that someone is brain dead, don’t believe him. A person is dead when their heart stops beating, and they assume room temperature. Until then, doctors should not play God assuming who should live and who should die even when it might save the life of some other person. We already know about the murders that happen in abortuaries across this country. We also need to know about the murders that happen on operating tables. Not everyone has a righteous mother who will tell a doctor to shove it.

2 thoughts on “Brain Death Is Fiction

  1. Well Charlie, that’s a pretty negative view of medical professionals. It may happen more than we would want, but it’s rare. Just because you can point to one case that is true doesn’t mean that same scenario is happening in thousands of medical facilities.


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