3 thoughts on “Debate Intensifies Over Benedict XVI’s Resignation and Role as Pope Emeritus

  1. The Barnhardt Thesis focuses on Benedict and his resignation. But I think we should put some attention on Bergoglio. If you believe Francis is a legit pope, here are the two arguments you have to make:

    1. Francis is not a heretic.
    2. Vatican I got it wrong on papal infallibility if Francis is a heretic.

    People will split hairs over formal and material heresy and all that. But every one of the Scalfari interviews establishes that Francis is a heretic which means he isn’t even Catholic. He denied Hell and the divinity of Christ which even Martin Luther did not do.

    The members of Team Francis bend over backwards to try to square the circle of a heretical but legitimate pope, but their arguments are absurd. Some are even willing to toss papal infallibility on the trash heap of errors or to define it so narrowly as to make it tautological or worthless. The pope is infallible except when he errs. You can hear the Orthodox and the Protestants laughing over this.

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