The Sky is Falling, the Sky is Falling


Over at the Remnant, Chris Ferrara penned a good piece about how the Democratic Media Complex (DMC) is milking the Coronavirus or Covid-19 to the hilt and weaponizing it to win an election and to sour the economy. I would urge everyone to read it:

But this is only part of it. Besides Trump and the election who will be made ultimately responsible there are a slew of those who are working hand in hand with both the DNC and the DMC (defined above). We know about the Hollywood types and the Socialists and the Democrats and the Elites and the UN and the World Leftist elites as well who are politicizing this disease for their own gain and power. In fact, the failed Angela Merkel is now telling her countrymen that fully 70% of the population is going to get the disease.

Fear, Fear and more Fear!

Is there anything that will make people do what they normally would not do to mitigate their fears. It is probably the most successful means of manipulation the world has at its disposal; and use it, they will.

Another part of the puzzle that is astonishing is how Christians and the Catholic Church in particular is playing into this leftist elite strategy to both oust Trump and to place more reliance upon them to be their savior from this tragic disease that only they can stop.

Yes, our schools, our churches our normal ways of life are all playing this game or have become convinced by the DMC to accept their reporting as accurate; all truth and facts and without a shred of propaganda attached.

A new flood of illegals will follow into our countries as a result which will make things worse if it truly is a pandemic but let’s not worry about that; after all they want it to get worse. The Pope is calling off Masses in Italy and other bishops around the world are following suit.

No large gatherings are safe and we are scared to death (or supposed to be). The St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Boston is cancelled and sporting events may be held without any fans present around the country. You would think that Chicken Little was right and that the “sky is falling”.

Funny thing is that the perverts in NY who have regular orgies have let out the news that their orgies are still on. I guess they have a different set of priorities than the elites: oh wait, these probably are the same elites who are spreading the fear in the first place. They aren’t known for being morally upright citizens.

3 thoughts on “The Sky is Falling, the Sky is Falling

  1. They have Trump in the Catch-22. If he acts to stop the spread of the virus, he is an authoritarian fascist abusing his power especially against Asians. If he does less than this, he is an incompetent fiddling away like Nero as Rome burns. The left wing is going to milk this thing for all its worth.

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