How, in less than 100 years, has socialism ascended while Christianity has declined

To know the truth is like watching a movie with an intricate plot (and sub-plots) for a second time. However, this time, you do so with the help of your hearing aids and eyeglasses. It seems like a different movie altogether. Please watch this movie. __ Scoop

4 thoughts on “How, in less than 100 years, has socialism ascended while Christianity has declined

    1. I think Darwin, Marx et al found their beachhead well prepared by the French Revolution. But they each made their own mark on those that followed. And yes, atheism was the rock that anchored them all together.

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    2. I think it unfortunate that evolution has divided the Church. I subscribe to a model of creation that incorporates evolution (but we don’t necessarily have to accept the Darwinian or neo-Darwinian model; there are plenty of biologists who subscribe to other models of evolution that fit better with the data we have now and the discipline of genetics).

      I don’t agree with socialism and Marxism because I believe in private property – but truth is truth wherever you find it. Marx had some shrewd observations about human nature (perhaps a legacy from his Jewish heritage and the perfusion of Christianity in German and English culture). We do the best we can under the circumstances, but capitalism:

      (A) would not be necessary if we were angels; and
      (B) does not work perfectly now – because we are not angels.

      The market does not always get things right and the fact that something can be done on a market basis does not entail that the market is the best way of doing it for a given set of facts. Consider how our ancesters used a mixture of market and non-market in the construction of their homes: they might buy some of the resources but the work was done on a voluntary basis by friends, family, and neighbours. You could argue that it was all market since the favour would be returned one day and no doubt a good recipient would thank the workers by providing a meal or some such during the midday heat. But I don’t think we should stretch that point.

      I agree that the 19th century blew an ill-wind through the Church that continued into the 20th century, but we have to be careful of our response. If we do as the fundamentalists do, we will betray the truth and cause apostasy as they have done. If Christianity is true – which it is – it has nothing to fear from the truth, wherever it is found.


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