Isn’t it interesting?


The government ends jobs for Americans to fight Covid-19 and yet the Congress (supposed essential employees) take their  time to get a helpful bill passed while they continue to cash their own checks, take vacations, and yet hardly ever get anything meaningful done. And even when they do it is always filled with political incentives for their own political ideologies. To hell with the people they drive out of jobs while they point their fingers of blame over their shoulders to blame somebody else.

Do you think that another type of social distancing and closings of businesses could have been accomplished with somewhat less pain in the first place? I think so.

Could we close every other store (maybe by odd and even addresses) for 14 days at a time for an incubation period? Could we then weed out those who get sick and let them go back to work? The sick will be weeded out and given medical help. At that point the other store that had been working could start their incubation period. At least liquidity could be preserved without having to throw so much printed Monopoly money being infused into the economy which is a disastrous idea and quite worthless.

And to increase social distancing, why then (perhaps by odd and even license plates) don’t we allow only the odds on one day and the evens on the next day go to the grocery stores and restaurants etc.? At least people would be working and the businesses would be at 1/2 capacity. Wouldn’t that be somewhat helpful?

At present everybody, everyday is out looking for all the stuff that was scoffed up by the hoarders who took all the antiseptic wipes, the toilet paper, the frozen foods and the canned foods from the shelves. You can’t even buy simple things like flour or rice. And to that point why isn’t it a state law that nobody can buy more than 2 of the same item at during a single visit (every other day)? As it is now, we are jammed into grocery stores (spreading Covid-19) and there is nothing on the shelves anyway and if there is some small amount left we are brawling over these essential products.

If this isn’t as safe as the draconian rules we have now I would like someone to explain to me why it isn’t.

Anyway, the insufferable part of all this is watching the elitist congressmen arguing over what the other party is doing or not doing and together they are accomplishing nothing, getting paid without a fear of job and income loss while receiving the best healthcare on the planet. They are not short of any essentials like the great unwashed among us. Wouldn’t it be sensible to let them feel the same pain they inflict on us? Stop their pay, lock them down in Congress until they have a bill (with only grocery or drug store visits). Deny them the essentials and let them share the same pain of the people they rule go through at the groceries while attempting to buy needed products from all the empty shelves. And make them get in a car (after setting an appointment) and drive through a test line to get swabbed like the rest of us.

As usual the elites are totally unaffected and some have even made a fortune by insider information on the markets while many of their constituents have lost more than a third of their wealth . . . and yet they still cannot pass a bill. I guess things are going the way these elites want it to . . . at least for themselves, who are unaffected, or may even benefitted. Their words of concern are about as empty as their record of accomplishments . . . nada.

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