I guess they have scared the sh*t out of people


Its bad enough that if you want to have a hand sanitizer in a reasonable amount of time, you must make it yourself using 2/3 cups of isopropyl alcohol and 1/3 cup aloe vera gel; mix it in a bowl without getting it on your hands and pour (using a funnel) into an empty liquid soap bottle.

If it is antiseptic wipes, however, good luck with that one. Orders on line won’t arrive until June if you’re lucky.

God knows what ever the problem is with the toilet paper situation (and paper towels) however. That is another item that only the young and brave who are willing to fight over the latest shipment will immediately fill their carts to the brim with. My best guess is that these people must be scared sh*tless.

In the meanwhile, those people that they denied access to toilet paper are clogging up the sewers of many communities by using old rags, newspaper and pages from books and magazines. I hope they enjoy their bowel movements even though soon they may not be able to flush . . . but they will have a clean butt thanks to the 4000 rolls of toilet paper they have put away for their own private usage.

Older people, not exactly suited to fighting over such items listed above usually get by with nothing. It’s all off the shelf by the time we make a visit to the store . . . and with our age and underlying medical problems we are not going to go flying all over town from store to store and expose ourselves to the max. It’s funny that those who would be least effected by getting Covid-19 are the ones that seem to be the most frightened and clean out the stores of any new inventory that is being put on the shelves.

Some stores have early hours in some states that are set aside for seniors which I think is smart. My state has not done this, or at least the stores in my town have not. So if you don’t have children or grand children willing to go toe to toe with the other pansies who are  scared to death that they might get diarrhea any day now, you are sh*t out of luck.

May their toilets get clogged by the backing up of the sewer lines immediately. That would be sweet justice for the rest of us.

16 thoughts on “I guess they have scared the sh*t out of people

    1. It it were compared to the price of gold like in days of old then it already would be cheaper than toilet paper. Using that criteria, I think I recently figured that the USD is now worth 2 and 1/2 cents. So it is surely getting to be on a par with toilet paper.

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  1. Scoop, this is from Annie in Chattanooga. I have a funny TP story: About the 10th of March, Lew (her husband) went to Costco. No TP. Scott (her son) went to Sam’s. No TP. I looked on Amazon and saw “currently unavailable” on dozens of TP choices — except one! The giant unperforated rolls you see in rest stops. So I ordered two rolls. They kept delaying the shipping date. Finally we got not two rolls, but two cases! We may run out of food, but we have TP!

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        1. I hope you don’t mind fighting with Fred over them. He may not seem vicious but if you try to take his food you might see another side of him which you didn’t see in the past.


  2. Who cares if it’s perforated or not. Place a pair of scissors nearby . . . you’ll be in fine shape. I’ll use washcloths, rinse, and then launder and reuse. The cost is next to nothing.


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