The Despicable Brad Warthen

It’s bad enough that Trump got as many Catholic votes as he did in 2016. The last thing we need is to see a cardinal even imply that Trump being elected was a good thing.

Protestants have a luxury that Catholics do not enjoy. They can avoid a great deal of left wing social justice Christianity by attending services at a Southern Baptist church. The Christian SJW’s are only interested in denominations with a hierarchy of fellow lesbians, sodomites, and Marxists and the ample real estate holdings of a mainline denomination. Catholics, however, find themselves occupying the same space with left wing scum that are not easily identified until you see the rainbow flags and Planned Parenthood stickers on their cars in the parking lot. These people aren’t actually Catholics but stealth modernists who fly low under the radar until all tradition and sanity are cleansed from the Church of Rome and replaced with the Church of Modernity. One of these stealth modernists is Brad Warthen.

Brad Warthen used to make his living as the editor of The State newspaper until they fired him. This was the best decision that rag ever made, but it was still not enough to reverse the devastation wrought on dead tree media by the electronic media of the internet. Warthen has been reduced to a mere blogger who regrettably cannot be fired from that position.

In a recent piece, Warthen pulled off the trifecta of bashing Donald Trump, excoriating Cardinal Timothy Dolan for not bashing Trump, and fellating the corpse of the late Cardinal Joseph Bernardin who was buried in his seamless garment. (I will remind the Gentle Reader that the combox is open to register whatever memorial you care to leave for the dear cardinal who did so much for Catholicism in America.)

Warthen would not be nearly as harsh on Dolan if the cardinal had embraced Joe Biden with a tacit endorsement. Brad should have held his fire because this will certainly come to pass before Election Day. Cardinal Dolan’s sin was that he was merely nice and conciliatory to the President of the United States of America. Warthen implied that this was done for the sake of getting taxpayer dollars. Nevermind that this has been the program with the vast majority of US bishops whoring themselves out to the Democrats for decades by smothering the Catholic pro-life message with Bernardin’s seamless garment in exchange for public money. You are only bad when you whore yourself to a Republican.

Warthen was not content to put the lash on Dolan but also laid in a few licks on those who were less than enthusiastic in their whipping of the wayward cardinal. Yet, he had praise for the National Catholic Reporter that has never been Catholic much like Warthen himself. It should be noted that Warthen has for years portrayed himself to be some sort of non-partisan independent type who remained above the political fray with his “UnParty” stance. I made a mental note at the time that Warthen was just a stealth progressive just like he is a stealth modernist. The loud campaign ad for Joe Biden on Warthen’s website shows that my initial estimation of the man was entirely correct.

Brad Warthen is a despicable individual. I have more respect for an honest atheist than a left wing liar who corrupts the True Church instead of doing the decent thing and becoming an Episcopalian. But parasites have to feed on living things instead of becoming scavengers feasting on the dead. Guys like Warthen don’t become Episcopalians because there is nothing left in that church to corrupt.

4 thoughts on “The Despicable Brad Warthen

  1. There are so many things to remember about Bernardin that one could use. But one that sticks out in my mind was his funeral which (during his prolonged time of dying) he orchestrated and designed himself . . . just the way he wanted it. And of course, how could he not have The Windy City Gay Choir do the singing for that happy (gay) event? It was an everlasting memorial to an apostate Cardinal of the Catholic Church.

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    1. My favorite memory was how Bernardin magically appeared at the murder scene of a victim who had threatened to expose the Lavendar Mafia in Chicago. Ahhh, the good old days when you could get away with so much in the Windy City. But did those days ever really leave?

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      1. No they haven’t, unfortunately. His covering for Bp. Daniel Ryan during Stephen Brady’s (of Roman Catholic Faithful) investigations. Imesch was of no help either because they were all in the Gay Mafia. Funny like that until the priest from RCF was murdered as well.

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