The Sunday Obligation

Bishop Guglielmone also noted that he continues to offer a dispensation from attending weekend Mass to the elderly, the medically compromised and those who simply feel uncomfortable returning to Mass in person.

From the time I decided to become Catholic in 2012 to the closing down of Masses because of the Covid-19 pandemic, I have never missed my Sunday obligation to attend Mass. I have continued to worship via online streaming, and I will return to physical attendance when I am obligated to attend. But I am not returning before then. When I tell you why, I think you will understand.

For a few years now, I have had to endure the clown Masses of Father Jerk. Unlike many Catholics, I was actually happy to be dispensed from the obligation of attending this jerk’s offensive game show liturgies. I have spent many Sundays wondering if I cared to remain Catholic because of this awful priest. I remind myself that this is not an option even though Father Jerk makes it a temptation. My alternative is to spend four hours driving round trip every weekend to attend the Latin Mass in another state or to spend just two hours driving to a slightly less offensive Novus Ordo Mass. My solution was to attend the Spanish Mass in our parish where I can tune out the jerky homilies and follow the advice of a Catholic lady who told me to endure it all as a mortification.

Masses in the Diocese of Charleston are open to the public again. Of course, you have to make a reservation, wear a mask, and take the eucharist in the hand from an extraordinary minister wearing latex rubber gloves as if the Body of our Lord was actually just a cadaver. From what I have been told, confession is still a no-no. The absurdity of it is more than I can bear.

I will return to Mass when I am absolutely obligated to do so. I find more consolation in my streaming Mass and will probably continue watching it even after this pandemic has ended. The main thing for the Diocese is that the offering basket will be available for the faithful.

6 thoughts on “The Sunday Obligation

  1. Of course, Google-me-honey, is not offering the elderly anything that we don’t already possess via Canon Law.

    FYI, I sent an email to Fr. Jerk asking him if he was going to have a penitential service since the usual Lent penitential services were all cancelled. His reply was a long missive with a bunch of mumbling about hearing Confessions by appointment etc.

    So I answered him by simply saying that “I guess that means the answer is no.”

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