The Coward and the Heretic

But let your speech be yea, yea: no, no: and that which is over and above these, is of evil.

I love this verse because it is an explicit condemnation of sophistication. I get compliments for my writing style, but my only trick is to refrain from larding up my prose with big words and ambiguity when simple words and clarity will do the job. I don’t believe in sophistication.

Sophistication comes from the ancient Greek sophists who pretended to have wisdom but merely played with words and their meanings. Today, we see this sophistication on display in the half ass resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. The only thing that makes this an issue is that a manifest heretic assumed the role of pope following this coward’s abdication. We wouldn’t be having this discussion if some orthodox cardinal like Sarah or Burke had taken the white. The arguments would have the same validity, but no one would care. We care because Francis is a scandal.

Ratzinger could end all of this if he penned the words THEY MADE ME DO IT and signed the paper to be handed over to Edward Pentin or Antonio Socci. It wouldn’t matter if it was in German, Italian, or Latin. The modernists would call him a liar while the faithful would say they knew it. This would split the Church, but it needs splitting along the fissure between Church and Antichurch.

B16 is not this simple. He never has been. He has always been a sophisticated German theologian playing word games since Vatican II. Recently, Dr. Edmund Mazza has given interviews to both Taylor Marshall and Ann Barnhardt concerning the supposed 4D chess game Ratzinger is playing with the sodomite heretics with his faux resignation with plenty of pop culture references by Mazza to Star Trek, Superman II, and Lord of the Rings. Ultimately, I found Mazza’s whole line of reasoning to be annoying and frustrating. It gives too much credit and brilliance to an unmanly coward.

Benedict needs to be a man and answer the questions put to him with a simple yes or no. Are you the pope? Is Francis the pope? Any answer beyond yes or no comes from the Devil.

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