Local Battle of Letters on Abortion


In my small town in South Carolina we have a bi-weekly paper that covers the local news and from time to time an editorial column with the opportunity to respond.

About 4 issues ago we had one of these editorials on abortion and it was, as to be expected, pro-choice (or pro-abortion which is more accurate). In this editorial the gentleman who wrote the column spoke about the Catholic Church and our beliefs which were totally misrepresented and needed clarification.

A friend from the parish cut out the column and brought it to dinner one night and asked that one of us would write a rebuttal of sorts. I took on this task but then it was suggested that perhaps my wife should write the letter as a letter from a woman on this issue is far more influential than one coming from a man. I’m not so sure of that but I turned the task over to my wife and I refrained from sending my own reply. 

The woman who suggested the rebuttal letter also asked our priest to respond to the editorial but to date, Fr. Jerk (as my friend Charlie refers to him) has yet to respond. Therefore, after 4 replies, some for and some against, my wife finally sent a letter and I rewrote one that was simply facts without all the drama, opinionated, and hand wringing sentimentality for the mother that is usual in such debates.

I’ll see how it goes. But at least my wife finally answered the question about the refusal of the Catholic Church to baptize miscarried infants which appeared in the first column. After all baptism is a sacrament of the living not the dead as Mormons would have us believe.

But old Silent Fr. Jerk is what sticks in my craw. Nothing but crickets. 

I would have been happy if he had stood at the homily and told us about the article and rallied the Catholics to write letters and straighten this man out on both the Church and on abortion. Alternatively, Fr. Jerk could have told us about this assault on the faith and abortion and asked the parish to simply read but not respond until his own letter was printed. But neither of these things have occurred. It would seem only right and fitting that the only Catholic pastor of the town remains silent and does not participate in the community’s battle of letters. After all, our old pastors were known for getting involved in such misconceptions and misrepresentations in the past.

I know that some people are offended easily on such things and that the effete are usually quiet or get their feelings hurt in this age of the snowflakes. But our parish priest should show more manhood than what we get today. 

Alas, I miss those older priests who took their faith to heart and were ready and able for a good fight if it came to that. Today the effeminacy is deafening; a deafening silence that is. Goodbye good men, good bye. We miss you.

From being to Life; creation from the Progenitor of both being and living


“The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I am come that they may have life, and may have it more abundantly.” __ John 10:10

It is a fact that with all that science knows along with our knowledge of atoms, molecules, proteins, amino acids and all the stuff of life (the building blocks of what we like to call life), we have developed theories and models, that still only end up seeing life generated only from pre-existent life. Whether you believe in the science of evolution or the Creator that breathed life into the ‘stuff’ of all creation, man is unable to prove or to demonstrate in any way that they can create life. If the seeds of life on this planet hitched a ride from some distant galaxy in the universe on an asteroid to be deposited on this earth still does not explain how life is made without the progenitor or life being a form of life itself. It only places this Life Force somewhere else other than earth.

What is the seed of life or that which has life on its own; an uncreated life which shares life in its creations; handing this life on to develop and incubate all of its creation with its gift of life? It is nice to think of models and excuses to try to debunk the obvious but it does not actually accord to the scientific method itself. For everywhere we look from the single cell to sentient beings and even man himself that life is only produced from an existent life. So Who or What is this Progenitor of life; and why do people hate the word “God” that one might accord to this Intelligence that is uncreated and unformed by anything other than His very Own Is-ness or Being?

When science can reproduce an experiment that is repeatable and mixes the proper materials together and delivers a spark that infuses these Legos of creation into a moving, living and breathing entity I would at least say that there is a natural way for life to be generated from an unloving, unconscious material universe.

But then we still have the problem of the same kind when we contemplate the building blocks themselves and the laws which they adhere to; whether chemical laws, physics or mathematics. What proof has ever been witnessed of something created or being formed from complete emptiness and nothingness; the void. Where are the scientific explanations and experiments where from an empty container arises atoms or molecules or elements of this universe. They surely exist in this universe but there is no foundation for them before the Big Bang which we can explain mathematically back to milliseconds after that event. But the event itself and the instant before of that event are a mystery to science and they still wish to grapple with theories that can explain how something comes from nothing. So far their attempts fail and their ambition yields no results.

So from the created Legos of this universe to the instilling of life we have intelligent laws for the first bit, or the material formed from nothing and we have an equally unknown Self Existent Living Being that Breathed into His Creation His own Life. How interesting is it that so many thousands of years ago the scriptures describe man as made in the image and likeness of God. For what evolutionary purpose is it to wonder about our origin and our purpose in possessing life. To be a rock would be to possess existence but no experience of its existence and no desire or drive to perpetuate its existence or create other rocks so that rocks would never cease to be.

I am afraid that science will never stop trying to eliminate an eternal existence, fully Living, Intelligent, Good, Beautiful and wanting to share His Life with a creation that might find joy in their participation of His Life no matter how small. It is a conundrum for men that I fear will be with us until the end of the world. 

Evolution it seems, has made a huge mistake to make the most perfected living organism on this earth that still, regardless of his immense intelligence in science, looks to a Beginning and an End for these questions. It seems counter-intuitive that we men are spiritual by nature and that science has been unable to eradicate faith which seems to be written in the heart or soul of men. 

“To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.”

__ St. Thomas Aquinas

“ Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.” 

__ St. Thomas Aquinas

Perhaps the Legos of Creation is a simple misspelling for the Logos of the Creator.

Theology on Tranquilizers / Theology or Theatrics: a.k.a. Theology on Tap


I punish myself at times by attending our parish’s monthly presentation of Theology on Tap. I call it a presentation because that is mostly what it is; a slick, though often unsatisfying presentation, done in computer graphics by PowerPoint or some other presentation software. I offer it up as a penance for my many sins though at times I feel that I am placing myself in an occasion of sin by simply attending. For I already know that I will have disagreements with either the presentation itself, of what might be additionally said and by what will conveniently be omitted.

This past month the subject was: Spiritual Warfare.

The presentation began with an enticement for many dramatic demonic movies etc. that perhaps many people have seen. He did acknowledge that The Exorcist and the more recent Exorcism of Emily Rose were based on true events and he took great delight in telling us that he had visited the room where the final expulsion of the demons of the Exorcist were driven out of the victim. I found this to be strange opening as he seemed to be looking to hook people into idle curiosity of the diabolic; an opening itself to possible diabolic activity in those who are so inclined to dramatize the diabolic and/or to love inciting fear within themselves or in those they converse with. Maybe he was trying to drum up some business for our diocesan exorcist; who knows?

He did cover some of the 7 ways that the diabolic acts upon us but conveniently leaving out others. The ways that Fr. Gabriele Amorth describes are as follows:

Under ordinary activities he simply calls this activity temptation. Under the extraordinary workings Fr. Amorth lists . . .

1. External Physical Pain Caused by Satan:

As its name suggestions, demonic activity can manifest as physical pain. Fr. Amorth points to Saint John of the Cross, the Cure of Ars, and Padre Pio as historical examples of those who suffered physical beatings and torment by demons. However, since this “external form of persecution does not affect the soul,” it is understood that “there has never been the need for an exorcism, only for prayers.”

2. Diabolical Oppression:

“There is no possession, loss of consciousness, or involuntary action and word,” just severe to mild events that plague the individual. Fr. Amorth points to Job’s severe afflictions and St. Paul’s thorn in his flesh (II Cor 12:7). Whereas “possession is rare,” Fr. Amorth reveals that he and his fellow exorcists “run into a great number of people who have been struck by the devil in their health, jobs, or relationships.”

3. Diabolic Obsession: Harrowing of Hell

“Symptoms include sudden attacks, at times ongoing, of obsessive thoughts, sometimes even rationally absurd, but of such nature that the victim is unable to free himself.” Moreover, “the obsessed person lives in a perpetual state of prostration, desperation, and attempts at suicide. Almost always obsession influences dreams.”

4. Demonic Possession:

“This occurs when Satan takes full possession of the body (not the soul); he speaks and acts without the knowledge or consent of the victim, who therefore is morally blameless.” In reference to the question, is there a stereotypical possession or referential model, Fr. Amorth advises the following, “to fix a set ‘model’ for demonic possession would be a serious mistake; the affliction runs the gamut of symptoms and severity.”

5. Diabolic Infestation:

“Infestations affect houses, things, or animals.”

6. Diabolical Subjugation, or Dependence:

Fr. Amorth explains, “people fall into this form of evil when they voluntarily submit to Satan. The two most common forms of dependence are the blood pact with the devil and the consecration to Satan.”

As expected most of the interest was placed in possession, oppression and infestation with a smattering of obsession although none of these adequately explained and examined in a way that would be helpful in recognizing if indeed the diabolic is operating in our lives and how we are to recognize it and seek help. His only defense it seems is saying the rosary: which even for religious who are undergoing trials by God in their prayer life cannot bring themselves to pray the rosary or other ordinary prayers . . . being drawn to deeper contemplative prayers that were perhaps a result of their former attachment to the traditional prayers. No mention of the need of a good Spiritual Director (one who has gone through the dark nights) to aid in our understanding of whether we are under attack or not. No mention of confession as a primary way to aid in this battle etc.

There was no mention that God “allows” these attacks on our faith and that the subjugation is a freewill choice of the afflicted.

So this month the deacon (a carbon copy of our priest) is going to talk about the rosary. I am not of a mind to attend this class for it is their way of following up on the last bit of theatrics on extraordinary diabolic activities. 

I do hope that nobody was enticed by curiosity in the devil and his evil spirits and that they already pray the rosary. But in general, it certainly won’t hurt them, if they are not saying the rosary to begin with by doing so. I doubt we have many spiritual adepts attending these banal classes . . . so it probably won’t be a lost cause for them in any event depending, of course, with what is presented and what is omitted.

But to return to the last class to close, I wish that there had been a bit of talk about spiritual direction and confession as part of the pastor’s ‘talk’ especially since father had just finished getting a certificate in spiritual direction from the diocese (another certificate to hang on the wall, I’m supposing). It does make it seem that the Church is now giving cookie cutter classes and certificates for such things as this whereas in the past it was only gained by deep prayer and holiness of life and the Holy Spirit Himself taught them the way to help themselves and others as well.

Yikes! The times they are a changin’.

Share this video for the Church Militant

1 November you WILL go to Mass.  It is of Obligation this year.   Ask the Church Triumphant to intercede.  Pray to the Queen of Heaven, Mary, Mother of the Church, with a “Memorare” after Communion (which I hope you can receive in the state of grace).

2 November you CAN gain a Plenary Indulgence for the souls of members of the Church Suffering.   Pray for the dead.   You can visit a cemetery and you can gain the indulgences in other ways as well.   Go to Mass and say a Memorare for the Church.  Ask Mary, Queen also of the Church Suffering to intercede for the Church on earth.

3 November you WILL go to Mass. Every Sunday is a day of Obligation.   Pray for the Church Militant in the special way.   At Mass say a Memorare after Communion for the Church Militant, of which you are a member.  Shoulder your spear and pack and pray.


Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help, or sought thine intercession was left unaided.

Inspired by this confidence, I fly unto thee, O Virgin of virgins, my mother; to thee do I come, before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful. O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in thy mercy hear and answer me.



Pope Doubles Down on Violating the First Commandment



Like most liberals when they are caught in the act, they say it isn’t a crime and then go and double down and commit a worse offense. Now the (Pope???) has done the same.

This is the latest from Barnhardt: https://www.barnhardt.biz/2019/10/25/breaking-antipope-bergoglio-just-announced-that-he-will-install-the-found-demonic-pachamama-idols-in-st-peters-basilica-on-sunday-during-the-mass/

Shorter version on Rorate Caeli: https://rorate-caeli.blogspot.com/2019/10/francis-defiant-in-defense-of-pagan.html

And people still defend the papacy of Bergoglio. I only scratch my head in disbelief.WHAT MORE DOES CHRIST NEED TO DO IN ORDER TO GET YOUR ATTENTION!!!???