Abortion: Just the facts 

I guess the editor of our local paper got tired of printing the pro-life letters, so I will post my letter here. __ Scoop

I am quite aware that women have a built in bias regarding this issue that only makes the opinions of women relevant. But I do think that facts are simply truth and that truth knows no gender. So let me simply state some facts and give everyone food for thought.

According to the Abortion Clock (http://www.numberofabortions.com), since Roe v. Wade our country has performed 61.8 million abortions. And since 1980 (a mere 40 years) the world has performed over 1.55 billion abortions and none of these numbers reflect the true numbers if we were to include the deaths caused by the new and very popular abortifacients (the day after pill) on the market these days. Almost 19% of our pregnancies in the U.S. are aborted while over 11% of women have used the day after pill. Mathematics (even if the users of the abortifacients only had 1 miscarriage apiece during their use, would account for 30% of pregnancies being terminated and we can suspect that more exist for those who use these pills on a regular basis. So a baby has approximately a 1 chance in 3 of being safely carried to term and given a chance to live. So much for the safety of a mother’s womb.

Chris Hedges wrote an article in 2003 for the New York Times that gives us an idea of what the above numbers accurately reflect:

“At least 108 million people were killed in wars in the twentieth century. Estimates for the total number killed in wars throughout all of human history range from 150 million to 1 billion. War has several other effects on population, including decreasing the birthrate by taking men away from their wives. The reduced birthrate during World War II is estimated to have caused a population deficit of more than 20 million people.”

So in the last 40 years, “choice” or forced abortions like those practiced in China, has killed more human persons than have been killed in all the wars ever fought throughout the entirety of human history on our planet. That is shocking for those who support abortion by stating that abortion should be legal but “rare”. It is obvious from the facts that abortions are far from rare.

Animal rights during this same period of time has increased. The Marine Turtle Protection Act (MTPA) was passed the same year that  Roe v. Wade was made the law of the land. The MTPA ensures the following: Feeding or touching the turtles, shining lights on them, or any other disturbances are considered illegal. Federal penalties include jail time and fines up to $15,000 for each offense.

But human babies have been offered no similar protection but their protections have been weakened over time to the point now where some states and some people are pushing legislation that will allow a healthy, but unwanted, baby who survived birth to be left unattended until it dies.

An interesting biological fact is that every pregnant woman who carries her baby for at least 6 weeks within her body will, for the rest of her life, possess some of her baby’s cells within her bloodstream. Therefore, abortion may sever you from your baby but it is interesting that the baby will always, in a mysterious way, remain forever within you. 

The usual pro-abortion rhetoric revolves around things like feelings, hardships and lack of support etc. but regardless of this sentiment we all know a deep reality we call truth. A fetus left unharmed will grow into an individual person with the same rights afforded each of us. They are our future children, citizens and leaders. We protect sea turtles because we recognize that what is hatched from their egg is not just some glob of cells that are meaningless but because we see in the turtle egg a future sea turtle that needs our help in continuing to survive. Why is not the same way we look at our own unborn children?

Another inconvenient truth is the obvious fact that abortions are primarily occurring in the most privileged of nations in this world, not the poorest. And in our Western European countries the poor of today are rich by yesterday’s standards replete with protections and safety nets from city, state and federal agencies not to mention churches and other non-profits. These are benefits that were undreamt of by our grandparents and great grandparents. Even so they got by and they raised children in their poverty and if not for them we wouldn’t be writing about this or reading about it. Sentiments seem misplaced when we look at the sacrifices of our patriarchs and matriarchs in passing on the gift of life to our parents and eventually ourselves.

Margaret Sanger, who is heralded by Planned Parenthood, would be proud of the fact that we eliminate so many children in our day and from her writings I would suspect that she would perhaps expect us to terminate even more lives. After all, she spent her life wanting to take away the right for any couple to have a child except by permit from the government. She was an eugenicist and in the case of the handicapped and for races she despised (blacks in particular), she was a believer in genocide. 

As said before, deep inside we all know abortion is murder, that it is wrong and should not be the law of any civilized land. All living life, except for humans parents today, seem to be willing to endure hardship and give up their lives in order for their species to survive. We might want to think about that before we make statements about the difficulties of parenthood and how abortion seems to be the only option.

As for the writers of the pro-life letters: Thank you and may God bless you. Merry Christmas and I thank God that our Savior Jesus Christ was not in His mother’s womb during our present time as there might not have been a Holy Day we call Christmas.

Local Battle of Letters on Abortion


In my small town in South Carolina we have a bi-weekly paper that covers the local news and from time to time an editorial column with the opportunity to respond.

About 4 issues ago we had one of these editorials on abortion and it was, as to be expected, pro-choice (or pro-abortion which is more accurate). In this editorial the gentleman who wrote the column spoke about the Catholic Church and our beliefs which were totally misrepresented and needed clarification.

A friend from the parish cut out the column and brought it to dinner one night and asked that one of us would write a rebuttal of sorts. I took on this task but then it was suggested that perhaps my wife should write the letter as a letter from a woman on this issue is far more influential than one coming from a man. I’m not so sure of that but I turned the task over to my wife and I refrained from sending my own reply. 

The woman who suggested the rebuttal letter also asked our priest to respond to the editorial but to date, Fr. Jerk (as my friend Charlie refers to him) has yet to respond. Therefore, after 4 replies, some for and some against, my wife finally sent a letter and I rewrote one that was simply facts without all the drama, opinionated, and hand wringing sentimentality for the mother that is usual in such debates.

I’ll see how it goes. But at least my wife finally answered the question about the refusal of the Catholic Church to baptize miscarried infants which appeared in the first column. After all baptism is a sacrament of the living not the dead as Mormons would have us believe.

But old Silent Fr. Jerk is what sticks in my craw. Nothing but crickets. 

I would have been happy if he had stood at the homily and told us about the article and rallied the Catholics to write letters and straighten this man out on both the Church and on abortion. Alternatively, Fr. Jerk could have told us about this assault on the faith and abortion and asked the parish to simply read but not respond until his own letter was printed. But neither of these things have occurred. It would seem only right and fitting that the only Catholic pastor of the town remains silent and does not participate in the community’s battle of letters. After all, our old pastors were known for getting involved in such misconceptions and misrepresentations in the past.

I know that some people are offended easily on such things and that the effete are usually quiet or get their feelings hurt in this age of the snowflakes. But our parish priest should show more manhood than what we get today. 

Alas, I miss those older priests who took their faith to heart and were ready and able for a good fight if it came to that. Today the effeminacy is deafening; a deafening silence that is. Goodbye good men, good bye. We miss you.

Catholic philosopher: Amazon Synod working doc promotes ‘most dangerous’ form of socialism


The working document for the Amazonian Synod is nothing more than Tribalism (a form of Libation Theology) which is now being supported by the Catholic Church. __ Scoop

Please read this interview with Prof. Thomas Stark at Lifesite News.