The Coward and the Heretic

But let your speech be yea, yea: no, no: and that which is over and above these, is of evil.

I love this verse because it is an explicit condemnation of sophistication. I get compliments for my writing style, but my only trick is to refrain from larding up my prose with big words and ambiguity when simple words and clarity will do the job. I don’t believe in sophistication.

Sophistication comes from the ancient Greek sophists who pretended to have wisdom but merely played with words and their meanings. Today, we see this sophistication on display in the half ass resignation of Pope Benedict XVI. The only thing that makes this an issue is that a manifest heretic assumed the role of pope following this coward’s abdication. We wouldn’t be having this discussion if some orthodox cardinal like Sarah or Burke had taken the white. The arguments would have the same validity, but no one would care. We care because Francis is a scandal.

Ratzinger could end all of this if he penned the words THEY MADE ME DO IT and signed the paper to be handed over to Edward Pentin or Antonio Socci. It wouldn’t matter if it was in German, Italian, or Latin. The modernists would call him a liar while the faithful would say they knew it. This would split the Church, but it needs splitting along the fissure between Church and Antichurch.

B16 is not this simple. He never has been. He has always been a sophisticated German theologian playing word games since Vatican II. Recently, Dr. Edmund Mazza has given interviews to both Taylor Marshall and Ann Barnhardt concerning the supposed 4D chess game Ratzinger is playing with the sodomite heretics with his faux resignation with plenty of pop culture references by Mazza to Star Trek, Superman II, and Lord of the Rings. Ultimately, I found Mazza’s whole line of reasoning to be annoying and frustrating. It gives too much credit and brilliance to an unmanly coward.

Benedict needs to be a man and answer the questions put to him with a simple yes or no. Are you the pope? Is Francis the pope? Any answer beyond yes or no comes from the Devil.

The Despicable Brad Warthen

It’s bad enough that Trump got as many Catholic votes as he did in 2016. The last thing we need is to see a cardinal even imply that Trump being elected was a good thing.

Protestants have a luxury that Catholics do not enjoy. They can avoid a great deal of left wing social justice Christianity by attending services at a Southern Baptist church. The Christian SJW’s are only interested in denominations with a hierarchy of fellow lesbians, sodomites, and Marxists and the ample real estate holdings of a mainline denomination. Catholics, however, find themselves occupying the same space with left wing scum that are not easily identified until you see the rainbow flags and Planned Parenthood stickers on their cars in the parking lot. These people aren’t actually Catholics but stealth modernists who fly low under the radar until all tradition and sanity are cleansed from the Church of Rome and replaced with the Church of Modernity. One of these stealth modernists is Brad Warthen.

Brad Warthen used to make his living as the editor of The State newspaper until they fired him. This was the best decision that rag ever made, but it was still not enough to reverse the devastation wrought on dead tree media by the electronic media of the internet. Warthen has been reduced to a mere blogger who regrettably cannot be fired from that position.

In a recent piece, Warthen pulled off the trifecta of bashing Donald Trump, excoriating Cardinal Timothy Dolan for not bashing Trump, and fellating the corpse of the late Cardinal Joseph Bernardin who was buried in his seamless garment. (I will remind the Gentle Reader that the combox is open to register whatever memorial you care to leave for the dear cardinal who did so much for Catholicism in America.)

Warthen would not be nearly as harsh on Dolan if the cardinal had embraced Joe Biden with a tacit endorsement. Brad should have held his fire because this will certainly come to pass before Election Day. Cardinal Dolan’s sin was that he was merely nice and conciliatory to the President of the United States of America. Warthen implied that this was done for the sake of getting taxpayer dollars. Nevermind that this has been the program with the vast majority of US bishops whoring themselves out to the Democrats for decades by smothering the Catholic pro-life message with Bernardin’s seamless garment in exchange for public money. You are only bad when you whore yourself to a Republican.

Warthen was not content to put the lash on Dolan but also laid in a few licks on those who were less than enthusiastic in their whipping of the wayward cardinal. Yet, he had praise for the National Catholic Reporter that has never been Catholic much like Warthen himself. It should be noted that Warthen has for years portrayed himself to be some sort of non-partisan independent type who remained above the political fray with his “UnParty” stance. I made a mental note at the time that Warthen was just a stealth progressive just like he is a stealth modernist. The loud campaign ad for Joe Biden on Warthen’s website shows that my initial estimation of the man was entirely correct.

Brad Warthen is a despicable individual. I have more respect for an honest atheist than a left wing liar who corrupts the True Church instead of doing the decent thing and becoming an Episcopalian. But parasites have to feed on living things instead of becoming scavengers feasting on the dead. Guys like Warthen don’t become Episcopalians because there is nothing left in that church to corrupt.

The Sunday Obligation

Bishop Guglielmone also noted that he continues to offer a dispensation from attending weekend Mass to the elderly, the medically compromised and those who simply feel uncomfortable returning to Mass in person.

From the time I decided to become Catholic in 2012 to the closing down of Masses because of the Covid-19 pandemic, I have never missed my Sunday obligation to attend Mass. I have continued to worship via online streaming, and I will return to physical attendance when I am obligated to attend. But I am not returning before then. When I tell you why, I think you will understand.

For a few years now, I have had to endure the clown Masses of Father Jerk. Unlike many Catholics, I was actually happy to be dispensed from the obligation of attending this jerk’s offensive game show liturgies. I have spent many Sundays wondering if I cared to remain Catholic because of this awful priest. I remind myself that this is not an option even though Father Jerk makes it a temptation. My alternative is to spend four hours driving round trip every weekend to attend the Latin Mass in another state or to spend just two hours driving to a slightly less offensive Novus Ordo Mass. My solution was to attend the Spanish Mass in our parish where I can tune out the jerky homilies and follow the advice of a Catholic lady who told me to endure it all as a mortification.

Masses in the Diocese of Charleston are open to the public again. Of course, you have to make a reservation, wear a mask, and take the eucharist in the hand from an extraordinary minister wearing latex rubber gloves as if the Body of our Lord was actually just a cadaver. From what I have been told, confession is still a no-no. The absurdity of it is more than I can bear.

I will return to Mass when I am absolutely obligated to do so. I find more consolation in my streaming Mass and will probably continue watching it even after this pandemic has ended. The main thing for the Diocese is that the offering basket will be available for the faithful.


He’s kidding himself with this new “spiritual dimension” of the papacy. Benedict should have put on a black cassock and retired to a monastery, and not said a further word. Or he should now be condemning his antipope successor.

Every time B16 opens his mouth to clarify his resignation to the faithful, the faithful leave with more confusion. Recent comments that Benedict made have only increased the confusion. For me, there is no confusion. My personal belief is that Benedict never wanted to be pope. A guy like that would love to resign a job he never wanted. So, when the opportunity came to do exactly that, the guy does a half ass job of resigning the position he wished he never had. He has done such an awful job of it that a lot of people still think he is the legit pope, and Francis is an antipope.

I don’t know the exact moment when I changed my mind about Benedict’s resignation. I can say that the one thing that pushed me over the edge was the story of the Vatican Bank ATMs getting shut off before the resignation and magically turned back on after the resignation. When you have something that rotten stinking up the place, you know that you are not getting the full story. The one guy that has the full story is Pope “Emeritus” Benedict XVI.

I won’t belabor the fine points of the Latin in the resignation. Ann Barnhardt has made her presentation on that. I don’t know Latin, so I just take her word on it. What I do know is that I am in agreement with Taylor Marshall that a better case can be made by exploring the strong evidence that B16 was forced out. Benedict may believe that he made a free will decision the same way that some battered wives believe they deserved the beatdown they got from their husbands. But we know better. You can say to yourself that you would have done what you did without the gun pointed at your head. But it reeks of making an apology for being a coward.

Some people think the faux resignation may have been a clever chess move sort of like the way QAnon supporters think Trump is playing 4D chess with his enemies. I don’t think that at all. I think they gave Razinger an ultimatum and a threat. Benedict opted for some concocted third option where he resigns the papacy but still continues as pope.

I don’t know all the mysteries of God, but I do know one thing for certain about the Almighty. God is not half ass about anything. I don’t think Jesus accepts a badly worded resignation and a guy dressed as white exercising a “spiritual dimension” of the papacy. Such notions come from a Hegelian synthesis that only a sophisticated German theologian think amounts to anything. This would be Pope Benedict XVI.

Let it be known that when the wolves entered the sheepfold of the Roman Catholic Church, this shepherd ran like a little bitch to let the flock be devoured by the wolfpack of sodomites, modernists, and the mafia that runs the Vatican Bank. I would recommend to the Pope Emeritus that he either speak up or shut up. As it stands, he is just a coward in white who should be more afraid of his eternal destiny than what the enemies of the Lord will do to him.

The Universal Call to Holiness and Obedience

And Samuel said: Doth the Lord desire holocausts and victims, and not rather that the voice of the Lord should be obeyed? For obedience is better than sacrifices: and to hearken rather than to offer the fat of rams. Because it is like the sin of witchcraft, to rebel: and like the crime of idolatry, to refuse to obey.

I have a friend who I was telling of my misgivings concerning Pope Francis, Father Jerk, the Novus Ordo, and Vatican II. He did not dispute any of these things with me, but he asked me if anything good had come out of Vatican II. I drew a blank, and he reminded me of the Universal Call to Holiness. I had to agree with him on that. The Universal Call to Holiness was the best and probably only good thing to come out of Vatican II.

Readers familiar with the story of Pandora’s Box will recall that Pandora was tempted and opened a box that released all the troubles and calamities in the world. Similarly, the Church was tempted and opened their own Pandora’s Box with Vatican II. But the Gentle Reader will recall that Hope was the last thing to emerge from the Box. With Vatican II, the Hope that emerged was found in the Universal Call to Holiness. Here is the relevant quotation from Chapter 5 of Lumen Gentium:

Thus it is evident to everyone, that all the faithful of Christ of whatever rank or status, are called to the fullness of the Christian life and to the perfection of charity; by this holiness as such a more human manner of living is promoted in this earthly society. In order that the faithful may reach this perfection, they must use their strength accordingly as they have received it, as a gift from Christ. They must follow in His footsteps and conform themselves to His image seeking the will of the Father in all things. They must devote themselves with all their being to the glory of God and the service of their neighbor. In this way, the holiness of the People of God will grow into an abundant harvest of good, as is admirably shown by the life of so many saints in Church history.

The classes and duties of life are many, but holiness is one—that sanctity which is cultivated by all who are moved by the Spirit of God, and who obey the voice of the Father and worship God the Father in spirit and in truth. These people follow the poor Christ, the humble and cross-bearing Christ in order to be worthy of being sharers in His glory. Every person must walk unhesitatingly according to his own personal gifts and duties in the path of living faith, which arouses hope and works through charity.

It has been a problem for a long time in the Church the idea that holiness is reserved exclusively to those called to the priesthood and to religious vocations. The laity came to be regarded as second class Christians who could hope to maybe land in Purgatory at the end of their earthly days. That attitude seems ironic today with both priests and religious displaying such deplorable behavior that they make a typical member of the Hell’s Angels look like saints in comparison. The fact that you can’t trust to have your children alone with a priest shows how low these evil people have fallen.

Holiness is for everyone including the laity. It is ironic that the holiness today can be found almost exclusively among the laity who call out the priests, prelates, sodomites, and lesbonuns of the Roman Catholic Church. Here is what Archbishop Fulton Sheen prophesied:

Who is going to save our Church? Not our bishops, not our priests and religious. It is up to you, the people. You have the minds, the eyes, the ears to save the Church. Your mission is to see that your priests act like priests, your bishops, like bishops, and your religious act like religious.

This prophecy is being fulfilled today with various individuals and apostolates calling out the filth seen among the priests, prelates, and religious of the Church. Those scoundrels wish that the laity would know their place and remain in it. We are not doing that. The layperson is called to the same holiness and mission as those who wear habits and collars.

Recently, the SSPX has had its dirty laundry aired in public. The shocker for most people is that an organization that opposes Vatican II and the Novus Ordo and champions tradition and the Latin Mass would have such filth among its ranks. It is as bad or even worse than what exists among the modernist filth in the Catholic Church. How could this happen? The answer should be obvious.

God wants our obedience. The SSPX is wedded to disobedience. Like King Saul, their intentions were splendid, but they disobeyed and have remained in disobedience ever since. Celebrating the Mass in Latin ad orientem is a splendid sacrifice, but God really wants his priests to be chaste and obedient. I know. That is a real shocker.

The SSPX are not the good guys. My personal opinion is that their rebellion has created a sweet gig for them. They get to run the show while giving a finger to the bishop. and the pewsitters of the SSPX are told to be obedient to this alternative authority that has no legitimate authority. Now, we see the bitter fruit of this disobedience. The sickening part is seeing certain Catholic laypersons who had no qualms calling out Francis and the filth coming to the defense of the SSPX.

This story is still ongoing, but I must remind Gentle Readers that there exist parishes and fraternities within the Roman Catholic Church who are obedient that celebrate the Latin Mass and expose the errors of the modernists. This is not a choice between orthodoxy and error. This is a choice between obedience and disobedience. The priests and prelates of the SSPX are disobedient sons of the Church. As such, they belong to those who practice witchcraft and idolatry.