Peeking Behind the Curtain of Clericalism

Many times people come to me for suggestions on good things to read. What I do not recommend is wasting your time on the internet reading blogs. The Church needs less up-to-the-minute sensationalism and scandal mongering, and more profound theological and spiritual penetration of what is wrong and what is right with the world, and how to live as a Christian in it. The English author Evelyn Waugh once commented, “Lay interest in ecclesiastical affairs is often a prelude to insanity.” Don’t be a churchy version of a political junkie, drunk on the human politics of the Church. Jesus is in His Kingdom, trust in Him, and be faithful to His Word.


Reading these words in a bulletin from a priest in a parish very favorable to tradition caused me to stop, reflect, and consider just how bad priests can be. In this particular case, the priest is telling the lay faithful to stop peeking behind the curtain into the affairs of the priests and prelates of the Roman Catholic Church. You should mind your own business. This advice is sickening.

I agree that a faithful Catholic should not allow the scandals in the Church to undermine their faith or hinder their spiritual practices. I recommend praying the rosary daily, doing spiritual reading, going to confession regularly, and adhering to a Plan of Life. I also believe in the Amish wisdom that you should read the newspaper and the Bible every morning. I would add that you should neglect neither the newspaper nor the Bible. In this way, you will be as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves.

So, what are these blogs that Father Smith is referencing? He doesn’t say what they are, but I will tell you. These would be Church Militant, LifeSiteNews, and One Peter Five. But even if you didn’t read those blogs, you will still see those scandals covered in the National Catholic Register, EWTN, Crisis, and The Catholic Thing. And, if you shut those out, you have the Boston Globe, the Washington Post, and the New York Times reporting on these scandals. You would have to hide under a rock to get away from them. Father Smith is telling us to hide under the rock.

The reality is that those blogs Father Smith denigrates are doing us a valuable service in bringing this filth into the light. Do you not have a right to know if your priest is a child molester? Do you not have a right to know that the Vatican is a hothouse of sodomy and filth? Do you not have a right to know that your donations are being filched to pay for abortion, contraception, and gay cinema? Do you not have a right to know that your pope espouses heresy? I recommend that you keep reading those blogs. I know I will.

Father Smith has fallen prey to one of the chief reasons filth and corruption have galloped along unchecked in the Catholic Church, and this would be clericalism. This is when priests and prelates start to make a sharp distinction between clergy and laity with privilege for the former and disdain for the latter. I assume that Father Smith is a good priest, but he shows his conflict of interest in siding with the perverts in collars against the lay faithful. Instead of addressing our concerns, he tells us to stop looking behind the curtain at the corruption. We will be better for our ignorance. No, Father, we are not better for not knowing. Ignorance is not bliss especially when it concerns sexual molestation and rape of our children.

Father Smith does not want you to read Catholic blogs because he does not want you to know the sad and sick truth about the priests and prelates in the Catholic Church. There is no virtue in blindness and ignorance. But ignoring those awesome Catholic blogs makes his job a lot easier. It’s the same reason your doctor doesn’t want you reading WebMD. It isn’t for the sake of your health but for the sake of him making his tee time at the links at 3 o’clock. Likewise, priests prefer if you didn’t know how awful they are at being priests or that many of them are sodomites.

Don’t listen to Father Smith. Keep reading those Catholic blogs. Be an informed Catholic. You have a right to know and a duty to do whatever you can to clean up this filth. The party is over for these bastards. And they are never going to police themselves.

The God of the Gaps

The God of the gaps argument for God fails when a plausible scientific account for a gap in current knowledge can be given. I do not dispute that the exact nature of the origin of the universe remains a gap in scientific knowledge. But I deny that we are bereft of any conceivable way to account for that origin scientifically.

When you talk to atheists and debate with them, they will throw out the “God of the gaps” tripe. They assert that God is nothing more than the putty believers use to fill in the gaps of our scientific knowledge about the universe. This is how Zeus gave way to positive and negative electrical charges in explaining lightning. The assumption is that myths fall as science increases. But is this really the case?

I think we can shed more light on the issue by actually making a list of the gaps. Here is that list:

GAP #1–Something from nothing.

Why is there something instead of nothing? How did this truly vast universe spring from nothing? Once upon a time, atheists denied that the universe had a beginning. Then, the Big Bang was theorized and proved with various scientific tests. Apparently, Aristotle got that part right. So, how did the universe get here? The best guess scientists have now is the multiverse theory which is an idea beyond any scientific verification.

GAP #2–Chemistry to biology.

This is Darwin’s primordial soup. How did non-life spontaneously turn itself into life? The primordial soup has given way to geothermal vents above ground and in the oceans. Then, there is the piggy backing on crystals hypothesis. They don’t know, and attempts to duplicate the primordial accident in the laboratory have been fruitless. But if we can find microbial life on Mars or Titan or wherever, this will be enough to establish the idea of biology springing spontaneously from chemicals. Then, there is the idea of panspermia which is the biological equivalent of the multiverse theory. Life got here by comets. Of course, no one can tell us how life got on the comets in the first place.

GAP #3–From primates to human beings.

Despite all that you read and hear, no conclusive evolutionary link has been established between humans and non-humans. When the missing link is found, you will definitely know about it because it will be frontpage news and literally shake civilization to its foundations. In the meantime, anthropologists uncover a femur and some teeth and build stories around these artifacts in much the same they did with the Piltdown Man until it was ascertained that particular specimen was a hoax. I’m not sure where the imagination ends and the science begins with anthropology.

Those are the gaps. Science has not filled those gaps. But I am supposed to trust that one day science will fill those gaps. In the meantime, I should take it on faith that God does not exist.

The Road to Liturgical Hell

Overall, however, when weighing the two forms, I think the gains outweigh the losses. The 50th anniversary of the Novus Ordo’s debut is, therefore, a time to thank God for those gains.

I believe Father Roger Landry is a good man and a good priest with a lot of good intentions. I also think he is deluded by his own good intentions in this Register article, “Celebrating the Novus Ordo as It Ought to Be.” I always grew up hearing that old saw that the road to Hell is paved with good intentions. This was my introduction to the law of unintended consequences.

When welfare programs began many decades ago, the intention was to help families in their hardships. The unintended consequences of those programs was to foster generations of unwed mothers and fatherless sons who would become savage criminals who have turned urban life into urban hell. I am crazy, but I think the solution to the problem is to end the programs. Why repeat the same mistake expecting a different result? And if the current result is worse than the problem the solution was intended to cure, you abandon the solution. This would be common sense.

The Novus Ordo Mass had many good intentions behind it at the outset. But good intentions don’t count. What we have to see are the potential unintended consequences of our actions. The unintended consequences of the Novus Ordo are plain to see. We see a decline in vocations, church attendance, and belief in the Real Presence. Liturgical abuses are common. The atmosphere of a typical Novus Ordo Mass has less reverence than what you will find at an Episcopal or Lutheran church service. And the Novus Ordo opened the doors to all sorts of innovations from the modernists in other areas. How can Father Landry seriously claim that the gains outweigh the losses?

The biggest loss is that priests like Father Landry cannot see the destruction the Novus Ordo has brought to our parishes. It’s like living in a town with a paper mill. After awhile, you don’t notice the rotten egg smell anymore. But your out of town relatives notice it when they come to visit.

There is only one upside to the Novus Ordo Mass. It makes you appreciate the real thing when you encounter it. When you attend a Latin Mass, you are struck immediately by its beauty and reverence. When you kneel at the rail and take communion, you see how much better and efficient it is than the clumsy attempt at a supermarket express lane with extraordinary ministers of holy communion. Worship is not about the utilitarian, but the utilitarian arguments against the Latin Mass are without substance.

The Novus Ordo should be totally abolished. There was and is nothing wrong with the Latin Mass except that it put restraint on bad priests in the liturgy. The Novus Ordo opened the doors wide to innovations that are ongoing even today. The changes never stop. Ultimately, those changes will invalidate the Mass altogether, and the Real Presence will vanish in an abomination of desolation. This is the ultimate destination of all these good intentions. When we reach the end of that road paved with the stones of all those good intentions, we should not be surprised to find ourselves in Hell nor claim that we weren’t warned.

Narcissism and the Novus Ordo

An excessive need for admiration and praise and with this comes an equally excessive need to avoid criticism. Often this is associated with obvious attention seeking behavior. These narcissistic traits are frequently found in those who introduce and participate in liturgical innovations.

If I had the power and the authority to change things, I would abolish the Novus Ordo from Catholic parishes and demand a return to the Tridentine Mass. I did not always feel this way or even care. Then, my parish got a narcissist for a pastor, and my views on the Novus Ordo changed dramatically and permanently. This is because the Novus Ordo allows the narcissistic excesses of priests to be on full display.

We already know this. There was the priest who rode a hoverboard into the sanctuary at the beginning of the Mass. There was the priest that offered the Super Bowl Mass. Then, there was the use of a drone to elevate a monstrance with a consecrated host through the sanctuary. I wish I was making that last one up. Like it or not, liturgical abuses are the norm and not the exception in the Novus Ordo.

The fundamental problem with the Novus Ordo is that it brings the attention and focus from the sacrifice to the celebration of the community to the final celebration of the priest himself. This is sickening stuff. Now, not every priest who celebrates the NO is a narcissist. Many of them probably hate the Novus Ordo, but they are not given the option to abandon it. But the narcissist priest loves the Novus Ordo. It becomes his time to shine.

My priest is one of those narcissists. He parks his presider’s chair directly in front of the Cranmer table altar where he sits like a king and presides over his court. His homilies are just warm ups before going into long talks about himself and what sorts of television programs he likes to watch. When this becomes boring, he will launch into song which brings applause from the idiot herd in the pews. Or, he will have a quiz show where he gives away prizes for correct answers. I am not making any of this up.

This weekly spectacle is nauseating for me. I feel physically ill when this narcissist takes the stage for his clown show spectacle. To negate the scandal, I now attend the Spanish Mass where he presides but has to tamp down his ego because of his tenth grade Spanish language skills. My own comprehension of Spanish is less than this, so his homilies and antics disappear into a gibberish I do not understand. I also sit to the side of the sanctuary where I don’t have to look at him directly.

This narcissist priest noticed that we were doing this and stopped in the middle of his Spanish homily to declare in English his displeasure at Anglos attending the Spanish Mass. He had become wise to our trick, and his ego could not let it go. We still go to the Spanish Mass, so he punished us by nixing one of the English masses and moving the Spanish Mass to that time. He does these passive-aggressive type moves constantly.

When people hear of our travails with this awful priest, they ask the obvious questions. Have you written to the bishop? Yes, I have done this. Others have done this. Have you considered attending a Latin Mass? The nearest one is a two hour trip from us. What about some other parish with a priest who isn’t a narcissistic jerk? That would be a thirty minute drive where the Novus Ordo is only marginally less offensive with a priest who turns his homilies into a social justice diatribe. I think half of our parish already goes there now.

This priest who I refer to as “Father Jerk” essentially wants his parishioners to love, adore, and worship him instead of Jesus Christ. As for his parishioners, he holds them all in disdain. Many men in my parish have expressed a desire to punch him in the face. One fellow had to go outside and get some air before losing his cool with this clown after some dreadful comments Father Jerk made to his wife.

This guy doesn’t belong in the priesthood. This is a given. Yet, what drew him to this vocation? I highly doubt he was called. I think the reason is obvious. He saw in the Novus Ordo his chance to be in the spotlight. He was drawn to it like some fat moth to a bug zapper on some redneck’s back porch. He might have made a fine lounge singer or an actor, but most people who opt for these careers become nobodies. But the Novus Ordo allowed him to receive the adulation he sought while also making use of those singing and acting talents.

Would the Latin Mass have prevented this? I think so. Narcissists aren’t attracted to tradition. They want to break the rules. The Latin Mass is about Jesus Christ. The Novus Ordo is about the priest.

The only upside I can see with Father Jerk is that he has made a traditionalist out of me. I probably wouldn’t have cared about the liturgical issues, but Father Jerk has made me care. His spiritual director recommended to Father Jerk the Litany of Humility. Father Jerk’s response to this was to assign it as penance to his parishioners who confessed that week. Apparently, pride is everyone else’s problem but his own.

Priests Tampering with the Mass

The Evolutionary Faith of Dr. Kenneth Miller

In the religious community, the people who criticized the book were largely coming from what you might call the young earth creationist and intelligent design community. Within the larger community of believers, though, there was an overwhelmingly positive reaction, and I certainly found that within the Catholic Church.

This recent interview with Kenneth Miller demands a response from me, so here it is. If you believe that a purposeful God used a non-purposeful undirected method to create the universe, life, and the human race, you are a heretic. Yet, you can believe this and still call yourself a Catholic in today’s Church. This is because of the sad influence of Teilhard de Chardin on the thinking of most Catholics today. Teilhard’s poison has penetrated deeply. Dr. Kenneth Miller is the product of that poisoned thinking.

Dr. Miller is a theistic evolutionist even if he rejects the label. As far as I can tell, he believes all that the Roman Catholic Church teaches on faith and morals. He also believes in neo-Darwinian macroevolution. This holding of two contradictory worldviews is what allows Dr. Miller to remain a Catholic in good standing while also keeping his job in the sciences. You see a similar sort of position with Catholic Democrats who claim to be personally opposed to abortion but support the grisly practice with every bit of legislation that comes by them including funding Planned Parenthood. I can only describe this straddling of worldviews as “schizophrenic.”

Dr. Miller attempts to find common ground between Darwin and God. But this is one of the few times I will agree with atheists like Richard Dawkins. There is no common ground. You can believe in God and reject Darwin. Or, you can believe in Darwin and reject God. But you can’t have it both ways. Richard Dawkins is totally correct on this point. Theistic evolutionists are deluded.

On the subject of theistic evolution, Miller’s position is like nailing Jell-O to the wall. Here is what Dr. Miller had to say on the matter:

People like Jerry Coyne routinely accuse me of holding to the view that God intervened in the evolutionary process,” said Miller, “and it seems like no matter how many times I post on his blog that I believe exactly the opposite, he persists. That’s one reason why I reject the label of theistic evolutionist at every opportunity I get.

Apparently for all his brilliance. Dr. Miller needs to learn the most elemental fact that words have meanings. A theistic evolutionist is someone who believes in both Darwinian macroevolution and God. Dr. Miller wants to quibble with an atheist because the atheist believes words have meanings? Miller is a theistic evolutionist whether he likes the term or not. Quit being a fool, you fool.

If you accept neo-Darwinian macroevolution, this leaves you only two options on God. Either God is the indifferent god of the deists who wound up the clock and walked away from it. Or, God does not exist at all. Anything else is the intellectual schizophrenia of theological liberals and modernists who don’t believe in God but wish to keep their jobs in the religious profession.

Fortunately, there is a way out of this inescapable conflict. This is Intelligent Design. I believe God created the universe and life with structure, purpose, and an end in accordance with the fifth argument of Aquinas for the existence of God. Atheists like Dawkins are at pains to refute this argument as they try to explain the appearance of design in nature as a product of a random process of mutation and natural selection except Dawkins claims the process is not random. Whatever.

Science presupposes this fifth argument of Aquinas. Because science has embraced materialism, it does not see how it cuts its own philosophical foundation from underneath itself. Why do science if the cosmos is just chaos? How can we believe what we have discovered? How can we even know that anything can be discovered? Even the most hard nosed materialist atheist science must presuppose the order of the universe and that this order can be known. This is a philosophical position and not a scientific one, yet we can’t do science without it. But I digress. . .

Unfortunately, Catholics concede an argument that is already being won. There is evidence of design in nature which implies a designer. I recommend that Catholics look into the work of the folks over at the Discovery Institute and follow Evolution News. As for theistic evolutionists like Dr. Miller, intelligent and honest Catholics need to reject his intellectual schizophrenia.

The Problem With Theistic Evolution